March 29, 2016 |

#LegitCPTips|Perfecting the Email


When you’re entering today’s professional world, you know that email is the main form of communication.  In the market for a job or internship? If your email etiquette is weak, you probably won’t be a top candidate for the position.

Start with the Subject Line: Make sure you have a strong subject line that summarizes what the email is about, not just having the receiver question what the email could be about.

Address them with their last name: Use their last name when you first email them: “Ms. Last Name”.

Introduction, Body and closing: Just like in elementary school, focus on keeping your email organized and clear, with an introduction to why you emailed them, a body of details and information, and a closing wrapping up the body and mentioning the next contact point of the relationship.

Proofread. Proofread.  Proofread.: We are so pressured and eager to answer emails in an almost immediate fashion. People appreciate when you are connected and are available to reply immediately, but please, proofread. Remind yourself that if you just take a couple extra minutes to make sure an email is professional and error-free, it will be worth the extra minutes you take on sending the email. When you have an error in an already sent email, it shows the recipient you don’t care to take time to proofread and you cant take that error back after they read it.

Your signature is key: Include all of your possible contact information in your signature, along with your title, organizations you might be involved in, social media (if it is professional) or any other websites or blogs you have. Make sure to match your mobile signature with youre signature you have attached to your desktop. In our day and age, it is acceptable to reply from your device if you are as thorough as replying from your desktop, but make sure you have a consistent signature.

Here is an example:

John Doe

Anywhere University, Class of 2020

Organizations you might be Apart OF


Remember to respond with emails in a timely manner. Use kind words and don’t forget to use “please” and “thank you.”


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