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JobFest 2023: Make new connections, build your network, and find your fit in Philly


We are so excited to see you at this year’s JobFest, Campus Philly’s annual career fair and networking event for college students and recent grads, taking place virtually on March 29 from 3-6pm EST!

Learn more about the event below, view participating employers and grad schools, and see all the latest details on the awesome prizes you can win when you attend. And, of course, register here.

Take it from us—you don’t want to miss this one.

First off: What’s JobFest?

There’s a new connection waiting for you at JobFest.

At JobFest, college students and recent grads (aka: YOU!) will connect with Philadelphia-area companies and grad schools to uncover your passion, make professional connections, and discover the next step in your career—or grad school—journey.

The event is taking place on Brazen, our virtual events platform, from 3-6pm on Wednesday, March 29. You can join the event any time between 3pm and 6pm—just log on when it works for you and start connecting with employers and grad schools.

Speaking of… let’s discuss who you’ll meet!

At JobFest, you’ll connect with recruiters from top Philly-area companies and grad schools, including:

  1. firstPRO: Staffing & Recruiting Firm
  2. Five Below, Inc.
  3. Center for Breakthrough Medicines
  4. Saint Joseph’s University graduate programs
  5. Federation Early Learning Services (FELS)
  6. Energage
  7. West Chester University of Pennsylvania graduate programs
  8. Intealth
  9. Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment
  10. Saint-Gobain
  11. Vanguard
  12. Wawa (see our blogs with Wawa here!)
  13. WSFS Bank
  14. Arcadia University graduate programs
  15. Campbell Soup Company
  16. Independence Blue Cross
  17. Sabre Systems, Inc.
  18. Planned Parenthood Southeastern PA
  19. The School District of Philadelphia
  20. Pennoni
  21. Peirce College graduate programs
  22. Brett Dinovi & Associates
  23. The Bank of Princeton
  24. Merakey
  25. Robert Half
  26. Temple University graduate programs
  27. PHENND Fellows and SERVE Philadelphia VISTA Programs

…and more coming soon! We’re adding to this list every day.

Let’s meet the employers!

In addition to sharing the numerous career advice articles on our site, we’ve always found that the best way to help you prepare for our career events is to hear from the participating employers—directly!

Read our mini-interviews with WSFS, Planned Parenthood, Pennoni, firstPRO (and more!), below, featuring young professionals who offer excellent advice and resources to fuel your career launch in Philly.

Meet Kristy McLaughlin, SHRM-CP, Senior Talent Acquisition Partner at WSFS Bank

Tell us about launching your career. What was your journey like?

I actually didn’t start my career in Philly! When I joined WSFS full-time, I was still working from our Wilmington, DE location. Even after I moved to Fishtown, I commuted to Wilmington for about a year until WSFS acquired Beneficial Bank, which gave us our location on 18th & Market.

As soon as I transferred to the Center City office, I knew it felt different! It was as though I finally belonged to the city I had been living in—when I officially became a part of the workforce “hustle and bustle” that made the city feel alive.

Why should students and recent grads apply to open roles at WSFS?

Students and recent graduates should apply to open roles at WSFS because there are career paths and opportunities that you may not even know about when starting your post-grad journey!

In virtually every area within the Bank, there is exposure to so many different teams, departments, divisions, and business lines that you get a holistic sense of not only what a community-style bank does, but also where you can find your long-term fit within it.

What’s your advice to students and recent grads as they prepare for Campus Philly’s JobFest?

You should definitely attend Campus Philly’s JobFest if you plan on pursuing an internship or full-time role at any point in your future. This is a great platform to start making connections—networking really is key to your job search!

Networking is also a two-way street; not only can you gain insight into a company, their culture, and offerings, but you also need to make that impression and highlight who you are, what your goals are, and how they align with the company to make an impact, whether it is for a role that you wanted to start yesterday or in the future.


Meet Mia Gay, Community Engagement Manager at Planned Parenthood Southeastern Pennsylvania

Why Philly?

The best part about launching my career in the Philly region has been giving back to the city where I was raised. I have been very grateful to work within PPSP’s 4-county region for the past 7.5 years.

Tell us about your work at Planned Parenthood. What do you love about your role?

Working at Planned Parenthood has taught me activism, leadership, and professionalism. Starting as a Center Assistant to managing community outreach and engagement, my career at Planned Parenthood has blossomed beyond belief.

Why should college students and recent grads attend Campus Philly’s JobFest on March 29?

I encourage college students to attend this event because it can highlight their current skills, direct them towards new options, and learn about new skills that can help shape their career goals.


Meet Langston Hawkins, Talent Acquisition Associate at Pennoni

Tell us about your experience working at Pennoni so far.

Working at Pennoni has taught me so much about the various careers within the civil engineering space. Understanding the amount of work, expertise, and collaboration needed to design and create the infrastructure that we see and utilize everyday has given me a whole new perspective.

We are so excited to be joined by you all at JobFest. Any advice for students and recent grads looking to apply to open roles at Pennoni?

I highly encourage students and recent graduates to apply to open roles are Pennoni, because we provide mentorship and professional development opportunities, and you’re able to see your hard work come to life in real time! We are an engineering design firm, but we are a large company with so many other opportunities, from IT to construction services, and more.

Why should folks attend JobFest?

If you are looking to build connections, begin your career, or even just discover all of the possibilities that this city has to offer, then I strongly encourage you to attend JobFest, as well as the other amazing upcoming Campus Philly events. To be successful in any field, putting yourself in the right places, with the right people can truly accelerate your career and professional journey.


Meet Jessica Martinez, Senior Recruitment Lead – HR Staffing & Recruitment at firstPRO, Inc.

Why Philly?

The best part about launching my career in Philly has been the amazing community, cultural diversity, and the endless opportunities that are here.

There are a ton of industries to scope out in Philadelphia, including healthcare, retail, hospitality, business, media, manufacturing, and education. You have many options! Philadelphia offers city life while also having amazing outdoor spaces where you can enjoy nature, too.

There is also so much great history here in Philly, great sports entertainment, and there’s incredible food that will satisfy anyone’s inner foodie. It’s a great city to launch a career in, and you’ll find yourself wanting to stay for so many other reasons, as well!

Tell us more about your experience at firstPRO.

Working at firstPRO has taught me a TON, but most importantly, it has taught me how to strengthen my communication with others and to truly listen to what people are saying and not saying.

I have become a better recruiter and professional because I’m surrounded by like-minded coworkers who push me to be my best every day, and are my biggest cheerleaders. It has been extremely rewarding to have the ability to change people’s lives by assisting them with their job search and I absolutely love what I do! firstPRO is an amazing place to jumpstart your career.

We are so excited to be joined by you all at JobFest. Any advice for college students and young professionals attending the event?

I encourage college students to attend this event because it never hurts to see what opportunities are available to you! It can be overwhelming to enter the workforce after college because you don’t know what to expect, but JobFest can help alleviate some of that stress and put you on a path towards success.

Networking is key! Understanding what roles are out there and seeing what resonates with you is the first step. By putting yourself out there, you are one step closer to finding what you truly are looking for.


Connect with Justin Keller, Senior Recruiter – Professional Services Division at firstPRO, Inc.

Tell us about your experience working at firstPro.

Working at firstPRO, Inc., has taught me that work can act as both an avenue to financially support my hobbies, family, and personal needs outside of the office while also being an outlet for friendship, laughter, and teamwork in the office.

Work used to be about staying afloat and remaining independent, but at firstPRO, I find that I am not just working to support my “outside of work” self, but I am also excited about working to grow and support my team here.

Share your advice for students and recent grads who are interested in joining your team!

Students and recent grads should apply to open roles at firstPRO because applying to jobs can quickly become overwhelming. We at firstPRO work to fully streamline the interview process for our candidates! We are here to help at every stage of the application process, whether that is actively searching for positions, resume editing, interview scheduling, interview preparation, and pushing for interview feedback.

Why should folks attend Campus Philly’s JobFest on March 29?

I encourage college students to attend this event because they can learn more about the current state of the job market from someone who recruits for various roles requiring different experience levels each week. Additionally, they can learn more about what types of jobs are out there and get inspiration for what to apply to.

Finally, you can jumpstart your job application process by beginning to create a relationship with a recruiter!


Connect with Sydney Clarke, Human Resource Specialist at Five Below

What should students and recent grads know about a career at Five Below?

We are a hypergrowth company with many opportunities for undergraduates and recent graduates. I started out as an intern, then was hired full time, and recently was promoted to a new position at Five Below. One of Five Below’s values is “Let Go, Have Fun, Build a Career” and I have had the opportunity to live that value.

Why should folks attend JobFest?

This will be a great opportunity to network with professionals, companies, and different industries in Philadelphia! Networking and interviewing tend to overlap, and having conversations about your career aspirations can open so many doors.


Meet Hannah Yeakey, Community School Partnerships Coordinator at PHENND

Tell us about your experience working at PHENND. What have you learned so far?

Working through PHENND doing an AmeriCorps Vista year on community partnership work has taught me flexibility and advocacy, and a lot about the wide array of community organizations and partnerships that work with schools in Philadelphia. PHENND has provided opportunities for growth and leadership in a school-based setting, working as the community partnerships coordinator for a district school.

Why should college students and recent grads apply for PHENND’s open roles?

PHENND provides significant professional development and support during your one year Vista service term, and they really want you to succeed both in your school or non-profit placement and also as a young professional! PHENND focuses on creating good matches between Vistas and their site placements, in order to make the PHENND fellowship year a great stepping stone into a socially impactful career.

We’re so excited to see you all at this year’s JobFest. Why should folks attend the event?

JobFest provides great opportunities to meet future employers, and learn about the wide array of options post-grad from Vista fellowship years, like at PHENND or other employment opportunities!


Meet Austin Jones, Account Manager – New Jersey Devils at Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment

Tell us about your experience working at HBSE. How did you land the job?

I always knew I wanted to work in sports as a kid. I never thought I would start in sales, as I always wanted to play or be in player operations.

As you learn about the industry you have to make moves to propel you to where you want to be in your career. I started my sports journey by dedicating my time to the industry. I participated in Living Sport, which is a program that connects you to people in the industry and peers who want to break into the sports world. That one experience opened my doors to working March Madness, NFL Draft, Minor League Baseball, and then here with HBSE.

I gave my time and put my head down in order to land a full-time position with the New Jersey Devils. The journey is never easy, but if you stay on long you’ll land where you want to be soon enough.

What should students know about HBSE?

HBSE helps craft individuals from different backgrounds. HBSE is willing to bring everyone in with open arms and then develop them into a professional.

I heard of HBSE when I was young, then I got hired in August of 2021 and everyone was telling me: “They’ll mold you into the person you want to become.” At first I didn’t know what that meant, but now, after almost two years of being here, I see the results.

Also—my teammates are the best because we spend time outside of work and truly developed a relationship. They push me to excel at the highest level because we all want to see each other succeed at the job and at life!

Why should students attend Campus Philly’s JobFest on March 29?

You have to make the jumps that your competition and peers are hesitant to make. If you are willing to do so and make an impression on a manager or employee of an organization, then you put yourself in the spotlight.

Networking can lead you to a path of employment or path that will allow you to connect with more individuals in the world.  My advice is to put yourself out there and to not be scared of the failure. Every failure sets you up to come back stronger—and it starts by networking!

BTW: Here’s what you can win this year at JobFest.

Did you hear?! When you sign up *and* attend JobFest, you’ll be automatically entered to win some amazing prizes, including…

Virtual Coffee Chat with Shannon McQuaid, Talent Development Manager at Saxbys

Shannon started with Saxbys in November of 2021, and serves as the main point of contact for all things recruiting! A big part of Shannon’s job is hiring for our awesome Student CEOs, which are students who take on an experiential learning internship for a college semester. Shannon’s favorite part of her job is working directly with the Student CEOs and helping them achieve their career goals. In her free time, Shannon can be found trying out the newest Philly eateries and watching Philly sports teams!

If you’re interested in learning more about careers at Saxbys, hearing first-hand job advice, and meeting with a cool, young professional in Philly—you gotta sign up for JobFest! Signing up and attending the event will automatically enter you to win. Good luck!

Lunch with a Leader, feat. Crystal Ashby at Independence Blue Cross

By signing up and attending JobFest, you’ll also be automatically entered to win a lunch with Crystal E. Ashby, Executive Vice President, Chief People, DEI, and Communications Officer at Independence Health Group, along with those amazing prizes we listed above. ⁠

Crystal helps the organization attract and develop talent; advance a culture of engagement, inclusion, and innovation; and achieve business strategy and goals.⁠ She also leads the company’s diversity, equity, and inclusion goals, as well as the corporate communications functions.⁠

If YOU want the chance to chat with Crystal, ask all your burning questions about her career path, and hear her first-hand job advice—register for JobFest today! We’ll announce our winner after the event.

But wait! There’s more! You can also win other amazing prizes, like…

Plus, check out these LIVE panels during JobFest! 

During JobFest, you’ll also have the opportunity to tune in to live interviews and panel discussions. Learn more below.

1. The Importance of Community from 3:30-4pm

Join us for a panel discussion with three young professionals with ample advice to share on the importance of building community as a young professional, because they found theirs, and it led them to where they are today.

You’ll hear from…

Moderated by Ileana Fortuño, Engagement Coordinator at the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia

2. How Graduate School Changed My Career from 5-5:30pm

Panelists will share their advice for deciding on a graduate school program, financial tips and resources, next steps you can take TODAY, and how going to graduate school changed their post-graduate plans in the best way possible.

Join us for a special conversation with:

  • Maggie Jones, PharmD Candidate 2025, SJU Philadelphia College of Pharmacy
  • Nyshawana (Ny) Francis, SJU ’17, Educational Doctorate Ed.D, Educational Leadership and Administration

Moderated by Elizabeth (Liz) Holder, SJU ’17, Interdisciplinary Doctor of Education Program for Educational Leaders (IDEPEL)


No matter what your major is, when you’re graduating, if you’re looking for your first job or second job (or a new side hustle), or you’re interested in going to grad school… THIS is your chance to take that next step.


Register for JobFest today >>



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